Tourism: What Egypt was once known for!

I have visited various places in the world. However, Egypt struck me as one of the most memorable destinations. The main reason for that is it’s great diversity. Egypt can be beautiful and exotic, yet at the same time shockingly blunt and dangerous.

Currently, Egypt is experiencing difficult times because of the recent overthrow of the government and the ongoing political unrest. Egypt’s largest source of income, tourism, has been seriously affected by these recent events.

I made this video, “The Beautiful Side of Egypt”, to show my support for the country that has left me with so many good and sunny memories.

“The Beautiful Side of Egypt”

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2 Responses to Tourism: What Egypt was once known for!

  1. Avia/Miriam says:

    Love your blog and your video on Egypt – linked you to my site
    Please let me know if you approve 🙂

  2. Mostafa says:


    It’s nice to see your blog, and I’d like to invite you to visit my blog Tourist Cup
    I wish you find something is interesting there 🙂

    You are more than Welcome,

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